El Zohd

”Askese ist, wenn man die Dinge der Welt als unwichtig ansieht und sein Herz nicht von ihnen beeinflussen lässt.” (Abu Suleiman Aldarani)


„El Zohd“ is an Arabian term which can have a great variety of meanings. In general language use, the definition “Asceticism” is supposed to be suitable. The practicing person would be called “Sufi” or “Ascetic”.

Asceticism is a way of life, caused by philosophical as well as religious motivation. Discipline, abstinence, modesty and the limitation on basic and essential values characterize this attitude towards life. The aim is to strengthen one’s character and to connect with divinity.

Konzept und Choreografie :  Sayed Labib (EGP)
Tänzerinnen :  Annelie Andre (AUT),  Carina Herbst (AUT),  Mira Kratochwil (AUT),  Naima Marilyn Mazic (AUT), Clarissa Omiecienski (GER),  Anna Schumacher (GER),  Manaho Shimokawa (JPN),  Pauline Stöhr (GER)
Musik : Dhafer Youssef – 27th century ethos

Kostüm:  Franziska Schwemmer

Visual Art Direktor : A.Bahadir Gökçe