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Istanbul in my Head

Short dance movie ” Istanbul in my head “ Main Fiction This is a story of tag between two lovers which travels through magical places of Istanbul. Man goes after women who fallen in love with her both in the different places and historical structure of every places. Sometimes it is gone to 1500s and […]

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El Zohd

”Askese ist, wenn man die Dinge der Welt als unwichtig ansieht und sein Herz nicht von ihnen beeinflussen lässt.” (Abu Suleiman Aldarani) Theme: „El Zohd“ is an Arabian term which can have a great variety of meanings. In general language use, the definition “Asceticism” is supposed to be suitable. The practicing person would be called […]

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Strong People

Trailer of Stronge People Choreography: Sayed Labib and Lina Höhne Video: A.Bahadır Gökçe

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